About us

The joint stock Lithuanian-Latvian company “Vildoma”  was founded in 1996. "Vildoma" belongs to the DOMA group together with the Estonian company "Est-Doma" and the prime incorporator Latvian company "Doma".Their key activities are as follows: supply and service of measurement instruments and monitoring equipment. 
Our purpose is to provide Lithuanian companies and laboratories with advanced measurement equipment, meeting the requirements of present days and conforming to the highest quality standards, creating comfortable working surroundings for the service personnel.

Applying the latest technologies in real life, to improve our skills, to assist our business partners in improvement and using common power to develop public welfare by simple everyday work – this is our mission as we see it.

Our suppliers are well-known manufacturing companies from Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland and other countries. Their extensive experience, well-groomed manufacturing traditions as well as international acknowledgement raise no doubts concerning the reliability of the production manufactured.

The project managers of the joint-stock company “Vildoma” successfully work in the fields of chemistry and microbiology as well as physical measurement and analytical equipment. The warranty and further technical service of the measurement equipment supplied are provided by the service personnel of the company. Vision and knowledge of the specialists of high qualification, honest and open communication with the partners constitutes the bases we are building our business future upon.

UAB "Vildoma" has  successfully passed resertification audit on May 10, 2012. The conclusion of audit says, that our company has functional quality management system according to requirement of standart EN ISO 9001:2008.